About Me

I am a woman who loves God with all her heart. I’m ashamed to say but it hasn’t always been that way.  I was taught early in life to be independent, strive to be “perfect”, and rely on the proverbial me, myself, and I.

I grew up what I guess people call strong and independent which isn’t necessarily bad but as a result of what I now know as a very dysfuntional mom I had put a up a lot of walls/barriers to the outside world and to people.  I was very careful to only let people see the “right” parts of me and do the “right” things and strive to be “perfect”.  There was never any indepth talk of God or having an intimate relationship with Him.

I guess God had been on the outside looking in for most of my life.  We went to church/Sunday school more out of things we were “supposed to do”.  I know God was there nearby all my life just wating for me to ask for His help.

Several years ago I started my journey to healing and wholeness.  With God’s help and the support of my wonderul, amazing husband I have worked through a lot of issues and baggage I have carried around for a long time.  It hasn’t been pretty.  God has seen and heard my tears, anger, frustration, etc and no he hasn’t been surprised but its all a part of the process.

I’m still evolving and this blog is part of the process.  I have so much “stuff” going on in my busy brain that I want to put it in writing in hopes that it will strike a chord or motivate someone else.

I will also share thoughts on other interests I have as well such as cooking/baking, health & fitness, etc.

My greatest wish and heartfelt desire is for God to use me in whatever way He chooses.  I sincerely want to be the person God designed me to be and do what He wants me to be doing.  I’ve waited longer that most to find that out but its not too late.

Thanks for visiting and happy reading!


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