Addicted (to being healthy)

Yesterday I completed another 5K. I walk them, I don’t run much if any of it as a rule. That wasn’t my first 5K but actually my 6th since I began my journey to a healthier me.  I had always had a secret desire to participate in a 5K event but never thought it was possible.

My change in lifestyle/eating habits started immediately a little over a year ago.  The addition of exercise didn’t really start until I was able to wear shoes other than flip-flops which was sometime last September once my foot had healed enough and I was given the okay by the surgeon.  Once he told me I could wear any type of shoe I wanted I put on tennis shoes and started to walk.

It was slow at first because my foot was still a healing in process.  Plus my body had to get used to more activity than it had been accustomed to over the last several weeks.  But walk I did and I haven’t stopped.  My husband and I joined a gym in October and now go three times a week for weights.

My goal for cardio is a minimum of 30 minutes.  From all the reading I’ve done 30 minutes is the minimum needed to help combat insulin resistance.  I definitely exceed that each time I exercise whether it be walking outside or on the treadmill or elliptical at the gym.

What it basically boils down to is that I’m addicted.  Addicted to being healthy and loving the way I feel and look.  I look back at pictures of me and truly see how unhealthy I was (a before and after photo is in progress).  My husband always told me I was a small person but I never believed it.  My self-image was so poor I always thought I was a big person with a big frame and would always carry more weight.  I realize now a lot of the issues I was trying to ignore or rationalize with food and the things I was hiding from the world or hiding from myself with the weight.

I feel so good now and don’t ever want to go back to my unhealthy ways with my eating habits, lack of exercise, or unhealthy view of myself.  Becoming healthier spiritually, mentally, and emotionally is just as much as part of the process as changing my eating habits and exercising.  One can’t happen without the other.

I give all the praise to God that He gives me the ability and the discipline to actually enjoy this journey I’m on and will be on for the rest of my life.  I can celebrate and enjoy my progress every day.  I have a joy that I didn’t have before.  My journey isn’t perfect, but I am an imperfect human after all, and that’s okay.

I’ve been praying for a long time for God to open doors to new opportunities so I can better use the talents and abilities He gave me.  I’ve gotten frustrated because things haven’t happened.  Honestly now looking back I know I was trying to do it in my timing and not wait for God’s timing.

I’m seeing some cracks open up to some new possibilities for me to share my journey with others in addition to this blog which is exciting.  I’ll share more as things progress.  I just ask for prayer for the journey to always stay in God’s will and be open to whatever and whoever He leads me to.

Addicted to being healthy is a celebration for me each and every day.


Whether you are on a weight loss journey or are learning how to get healthy, nothing will change unless you make the choice in all 3 areas to crave differently. www.lysaterkeurst...





4 thoughts on “Addicted (to being healthy)

  1. You are such an inspiration. I have been on a journey myself, and I hope to share it openly someday, and maybe be an inspiration to some as well. Whatever happens is in Gods hands. Thank you for sharing…

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