One Year Ago Today

Today’s date, June 28th is a significant day for me.  One year ago I went into the hospital with a severe infection in my left foot that I had been battling for several days. After being admitted, having the usual blood work, etc I was given a diagnosis I was not expecting – I was a diabetic!

My blood sugar was way over 300 and my hemoglobin A1c level (for those that may know what that refers to) was 13.3!  Needless to say both of these numbers weren’t good to say the least.  I was started on insulin (4 shots a day) plus all the finger pricks to check my blood sugar level.  Also talking to the diabetic nurse and dietician about how I needed to take care of myself and watch my diet. I answered no to all of the questions they asked about warning signs, because I didn’t have any.

So, my journey began toward learning to take care of myself better all the while trying to get well from the infection in my foot.  Long story short on the foot infection I wound up getting referred to a wonderful surgeon because I was getting as abscess in my leg from the infection.  He took me to surgery on Sunday July 1st not only for the abscess but to take care of the foot infection as well because, as he said, it wont’ heal on its own. I thank God for that surgeon and his skilled hand.

Post surgery I spent a few more days in the hospital and went home on July 4th – my Independence Day.  It took several weeks for my foot to completely heal and before I could do much in the way of activity but in the meantime I became like a sponge reading anything and everything I could find about diabetes, healthy eating, fitness, how to take care of my body, etc.  I was determined to be healthy.

Well, that was the turning point in my life toward becoming a healthier me.  God used this situation to get my attention, and boy did He.  I never questioned the diagnosis, none of the “No it can’t be” or “It’s not possible” that I probably would have done at some other time in my life.  I just took it as fact and was determined to do something about it.   I praise God for the resolve He gave me and calming fears as they have come up as to how I was going to accomplish this.

I’ve always been a very strong-willed person and when I put my mind to something I get it done.  The last year has been a process and hasn’t been easy at times but I am a much healthier person with regards to what and how I eat, how fit I am, and how I exercise.

Just to share some of my results with my lifestyle changes.  From the time I came home on July 4th to this writing I have lost 106 lbs. I no longer take any insulin shots and was able to stop them in December 2012.  I still monitor my blood sugar as well as my blood pressure and both are doing well.  My last Hemoglobin A1c level in March 2013 was 5.7.

I give God all the glory!  I have asked Him to keep me ever vigilant about my health, what I eat, etc. as I do not ever intend to go back to the extremely unhealthy me that I was.  I shudder now when I look at pictures of myself prior to the changes.

God is using this whole process with my health to reveal more about who I am as a person and a child of God.  I love God so much and am thankful beyond words.

More thoughts, ideas, and revelations about my health journey coming soon!





4 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today

  1. This is a great story you have to tell, Mom, and very inspiring. There’s nothing like a wake up call when you need one, although I’m sure this one had to be scary.

    It’s really amazing to me you went from 4 shots a day on insulin and now are completely recovered from diabetes. And of course, losing 106 pounds since then.

    God is so good, and you’re an inspiration!

  2. It doesn’t seem like a year already! I am so glad for you that you have been able to accomplish the lifestyle changes that you have in such a short period of time! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story! God Bless and Love, Sandy

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